Chromebooks For Families

For what matters most

Chromebooks come with unlimited photo storage1 for treasured memories and automatic backup2 for peace of mind, so you never miss a moment.

In this together

From the kitchen table to the couch, Chromebooks are made to be shared between the people that matter most. Simple account switching gives everyone their own space, while automatic security updates2 keep your family safe from computer viruses and malware.

Account sharing
Google for Kids
Sturdy design

For parents and kids

Chromebooks come ready with the best of Google, the apps you love from the Google Play Store, and the hardware that helps you get things done while still having fun.

Starts up fast

Long-life battery

Works online or off

Stays up-to-speed

For little explorers

Whether it’s book reports or backyard bugs, Chromebooks make it easier than ever to find answers. Ready to go right out of the box — just log in, connect to the internet, and learn.




Raise money for PTAs

When families bring a Chromebook home, a percentage of the purchase price goes to local PTAs.

For proud parents

From their first day of school to graduation, your Chromebook is there to help keep track of it all. And Chromebook’s lightweight design lets you take it with you on the go.

Keep memories organized

Capture and share family moments with unlimited Google Photos storage.2

Plan new adventures

Unlock 100GB of free Drive space to start preparing your next family outing or grown-ups-only getaway.

Get creative

Whether you’re sketching or personalizing a photo, some Chromebook models come with a built-in pen to satisfy your inner artist.

For the whole fam

More apps are added to the Google Play Store everyday, for everything from homework help to family game night.

1. Google Photos offers unlimited high quality (16MP) photo storage. Photos stored at original quality will be limited by the storage available in your Google Account.

2. Internet connection is required.